Good Care Days

Understanding how digital can impact on everyday connectivity.


Whilst digital healthcare is booming, much of its focus lies in the diagnostic realm. Gracie does not care about this; she just seeks help in understanding what will happen to her now she is in hospital, and where she can get support for her dependents at home. Good Care Days set out to design a solution that could help bridge health and social care communities, and for Gracie, a design to take the stress out of the NHS.


Problem: As innovation consultants we are often not exposed to lean start up principles. So to thoroughly understand the state of play, we had to create a game changer for ourselves.


Cure: We dived in with our own time, money, blood sweat and tears; backed by extensive insight in the field to create a platform for care and para-NHS services for people like Gracie. This enabled fully comprehending the nuances of the digital marketplace for the vulnerable, and ensured first hand experience of lean start up driven digital design.


Result: Good Care Days™ continues to offer the team inspiration for new methods for client projects, and new innovative models and outputs. Of course, it will in time offer Gracie a coherent access point to contemporary care.


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