A Fresh Perspective

Need a new perspective when it comes to inspiration?


We meet clients who have been to big consultancies, and whilst impressed by the pitch, get to the project work and are faced by people they have not met before and who are just out of university.


Problem: We fear that the business model of many consultancies relies on a flashy veneer that covers a junior workforce. By using such ‘reliable’ solutions, you’ll often be reassured with re-learning alot of what you already know, but don’t really need.


Cure:  By using a flexible and senior network of experts, you can strip away the unnecessary costs of traditional design agencies.


Result: Our team of senior professionals like to do things a little differently. Coming together to bring freshness, excellence and variety, we remove the spurious costs and let you pay for the experienced brilliance you deserve.


If you think our design thinking approach can help you, and you’d like to find out more, contact ANATOMY.