Healthcare Design Sprints

Solve your Healthcare Challenges, and test new ideas in just 5 days!

The difficulty with designing healthcare solutions in today’s world is that expectations are sky high, competition is tough, and access to clinical environments for understanding the customer is limited. You need a process that delivers quickly and cost effectively.


Problem: We know that traditional deep ethnographic immersion work offers fruitful insight. Whilst this work has been our ‘signature dish’ for many years (and to great success), we recognise that it requires great commitment and sometimes the wait for market access is too long; the process too costly.

Perhaps you just take a short cut and do some self-affirming, sub-optimal standard-issue market research. Who can blame you? But it fails to hit the spot, right?


Cure – Healthcare Design Sprints: We see the challenges you experience, and by bringing together all our design and research expertise, embedded within healthcare-focused design sprints, we have a solution. In our weeklong sprint we Map, Sketch, Model, Storyboard, Decide, Prototype and then Test.


Results: In a week you will gain fast, self-built understanding for a key challenge as defined by you. You will create a supercharged means to potential opportunities, select the best to test, understand and build a prototype with your own hands and minds, one good enough to get real customer feedback. Then test with customers, understand the outcomes and plan the road ahead. In 5 simple days you will gain solutions that took months in the past and at roughly 20% of the cost.


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